5 Best Supporting Laptop That You Can Bring While Traveling

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For many travellers, there’s no got to travel with a laptop. As smartphones became more powerful, most tasks once needing a computer are often through with the gadget in your pocket. For movies and lots of other things needing a bigger screen, tablets are cheaper, lighter, and even as good.

Still, there are times once you just can’t beat a correct laptop. If you’re employed while you travel, you’ll soon hit the bounds of a mobile device. Android and iOS are designed to try to to one thing at a time, employing a touch interface. Most work tasks aren’t.

Many professional tools are limited or unavailable for mobile operating systems, and everything from writing text to editing photos and video is far faster and more comfortable on a laptop than anything.

We’ve been travelling with portable computers for over a decade, from the tiniest netbook to the foremost powerful Macbook Pro, and know what works and what doesn’t. After finding out dozens of the newest models, of all shapes, sizes, and costs, we’re confident these are the simplest laptop options for travellers in 2019.

Whether you’re on a super-tight budget or have plenty to spend, travel full time or want something for an upcoming vacation, we’ve got you covered. There’s even a killer digital nomad setup for under $1000 that’ll allow you to work all day, anywhere you’ve got cell service!

Here are five quite Laptops which will be your consideration to bring when travelling:

1. Acer Aspire E15 (latest version)

You don’t usually expect much from a sub $500 laptop — they tend to be poorly made, provide a lousy performance and offer only the bare minimum most of the days. But surprisingly enough, Acer Aspire E15 outperformed most of its competitors and offered those features that we expect only from the relatively pricier laptops. Let’s provides it with a better look then.

It comes with either an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor alongside 4, 6 or 8 GB of RAM. One among the essential wow-factors of Aspire E15 is that despite being an inexpensive laptop, it does offer an SSD. In contrast, most of the others include the slower HDD. Although small, the provided 256 GB solid-state drive should be enough for your day-to-day stuff.

E15 comes with two sorts of the display- the cheaper models feature an HD (1366 x 768) panel. In contrast, the relatively costlier models feature a way better FHD (1920 x 1080) display. Surprisingly despite its compact stature, it comes with an array of useful ports. It touts 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, a full-size HDMI port, an Ethernet port and also a USB Type-C port. It also includes the old fashioned CD drive… just in case someone still uses those!

It’s decent performance-wise and may handle a moderate amount of multitasking. Although there was no significant delay or stutter while watching videos and running dozens of browser tabs, the performance starts to degrade if you burden it anymore.

In terms of portability, it lasts for nearly 8 hours when surfing online or doing light tasks. Not an impressive performance by any means, but it’ll be enough to survive a day’s worth of use. An enormous drawback of this laptop is, however, the load. At 2.5kg or 5.6 pounds, it’s nearly twice as heavy as your average ultrabook.

We recommend the Acer Aspire E15 for anyone who needs good specs at a coffee price but won’t mind lugging a famous machine around. It’s a realistic option if portability isn’t your primary concern, or if you only need a cheap but capable Windows laptop to require on the road while your main computer stays home.

2. Asus Chromebook C202

Looking even more sort of a child’s plaything, the Asus Chromebook is one among the first rugged laptops on this list. Its rubberised case will absorb about the worst impacts, so albeit you knock this laptop off the table, it’ll be fine when it hits bottom. 

Just like the offering from Acer, this laptop features a water-resistant keyboard with drainage channels to stay it safe from water and other liquids. 

The disk drive on this laptop is little, even by Chromebook standards but you’ll get the upgraded 32GB version for $259. However, it’s cheaper at now to shop for some auxiliary storage or confirm you’re always connected to the cloud. 

The chief complaint from users about this machine is the keyboard. It is often hard to ascertain the keys in low light conditions and therefore, the feedback from the keys themselves isn’t the simplest. However, that’s a price you buy a budget Chromebook.

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3. Lenovo Yoga

The Yoga range from Lenovo provides us with an excellent 2 in 1 laptop to suit all needs. With large amounts of memory and storage, this computer is excellent for watching films, writing novels and everything in between. The keyboard isn’t detachable but folds round so although thin for a laptop when used as a tablet it can feel quite bulky.

Some users report internal control issues with the laptops, with many having to return or exchange them within the first few days of purchase. Still, Lenovo’s excellent customer service team can look out of any issues which will happen. 

4. Microsoft Surface Go

The Surface series from Microsoft are a number of the most straightforward 2 in 1 laptop available for travel. The essential Surface Go starts slightly below $400, but the worth can rise quickly if you choose an option with higher specs. 

As one among the lightest computers available it’s worth considering adding one of these into your backpack but remember, you’ll get to buy the keyboard separately from the most tablet computer. Costing on the brink of $100, this keyboard starts to form the Surface Go a costlier option.

The keyboard is often fully detached. Therefore the laptop is commonly used as a full-on tablet when required. It’s also possible to urge a mouse and stylus for this computer. Still, they’re also a tad on the expensive side so if you don’t need them. I wouldn’t bother. 

This laptop is quite capable of handling all casual use. It can only start to struggle with very high-intensity programs. If you plan to use your computer for those sorts of tasks, then inspect the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 which costs over $1000 but will handle anything you’ll throw at it. 

5. MacBook Air

Whether you’re a backpacker, a digital nomad, a occupy home mum or an excellent grandparent, MacBooks are divisive. Some people love them with such a passion they’re going to use nothing else while others cannot get on with the OS in the least. For some, the high price puts them off but because the saying goes – once you go, Mac, you never return. I don’t know if that’s a saying…

Anyway, Apple is documented for excellent build quality which remains the case for the most recent incarnation of the MacBook Air. This 13-inch model starts with a 128GB disk drive, but larger versions are available. They don’t forget; apple also provides 5GB of free cloud storage to its customers which may be expanded easily for a meagre monthly fee. 

Made from durable, light aluminium and providing an equivalent great feeling from the keyboard that’s expected by Mac users, this MacBook Air may be an excellent choice for those that need a reliable machine but don’t need to full power capabilities of the MacBook Pro. 

It is safe to mention that the MacBook Pro may be a better all-round laptop than the Air and for things like high-end audio or photo editing that holds even more real. However, for travelling, the MacBook Air truly is one among the most straightforward laptops for working that the planet has ever seen. 

A Final Word of Advice

When travelling with a laptop, there’s always an opportunity something will fail. It could get broken. You’ll spill an entire mug of coffee over it. It could stray or maybe stolen. 

It would suck for that to happen, but you almost certainly have travel insurance. That covers your belongings, too, right?! 


Most of the time, however, buried somewhere deep within the tiny print are going to be an exclusion about covering expensive items. This exclusion will state that only $500 (if you’re lucky but more likely $250) are often claimed on one single thing. Check your policy carefully if you propose on taking expensive electronics travelling and if need be, upgrade your system or remove separate insurance for love or money of high value.

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