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Hello! My name is Minnie – I’m twenty-nine years recent, and that I sleep in the state capital. I’m a mammy and additionally an author: my son, Tom, and my female offspring, Rachel area unit, my pretty youngsters. I graduated from a university in the state capital with the title of Master of Chemistry, however, with a passion, I’m a great passion for travelling and styling and makeup.

Minnie Rhodes Profile

One day, I decided to experiment with chemistry for a fashion experiment, presenting my inspirations and ideas for styling on the net. This was one in every of the simplest selections – I even have been blogging for quite seven years on a broadly speaking titled theme that has quite [*fr1] 1,000,000 page views a month.

Passion has become my life’s plan – the event of the journal confirms my belief that I would like to share inspiration not solely with fashion and wonder however additionally with mode, interior style and wedding organization. It’s fun to able to share with you all.

The journal is co-created with my husband Peter – he’s the author of trendy sessions on the journal. He has such a good facilitate to my writing hobby.

Thank you for visiting my web site, and that I hope you may stick with ME as long as attainable.